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Scorcher | OB Signature Drink

Ignite your taste buds with a bold tequila concoction, tempered by blood orange and a whisper of habanero heat in this signature Scorcher mix at Osteria Barocca.

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Trip to Messico | OB Signature Drink

Savor the essence of Mexico with this tequila-based cocktail, accented by the herbal Cocchi Americano and a splash of lemon turning it into a messy mix. And with this signature Trip to Messico cocktail, experience Mexico in a fun way!

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Banana Biscotti Sour | OB Signature Drink

Indulge in this signature Banana Biscotti Sour, having a whiskey sour with a twist, featuring the comforting flavors of banana and vanilla, reminiscent of classic biscotti.

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OB’s Old Fashioned Drink

Relish in the rich complexity of rye whiskey, elegantly complemented by Osteria Barocca’s signature demerara and bitters., here we present the OB’s Old Fashioned Drink.

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Blossom Spritz | OB Aperitivo

A light and floral cocktail, the Blossom Spritz combines Ramazzotti Rosato with a hint of homemade pomegranate essence for a refreshing sip.

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pink panther ob signature drink

Pink Panther | OB Signature Drink

The Pink Panther OB Signature Cocktail is a fruity and vibrant drink, known for its playful pink hue and refreshing taste, perfect for a lighthearted toast.

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